Eco Considerations

Green Planet Surfer’s, Eco Surf Wax, is a handmade surf wax from a combination of locally and ethically sourced, natural ingredients for low environmental impact.

Every step of the way we are working to do our best to support surfers in surfing sustainably.

We research and choose best practice to inform others about the why not, as much as the why, and share this though our weekly blog and out regular social media engagements.

We have selected the key natural ingredients in our wax which we have tested, to ensure it performs like a wax should.

Our greatest concern is the misinformation and misdirection that occurs industry wide. Greenwashing, misinformation, misuse of terms such as organic and the incorrect idea that soy wax products are natural.

You can choose Green Planet Surfer knowing that we do this for the planet and for you.

Surf Clean, Surf Green



Owner and Founder