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Crisp White Balance Board

Crisp White Balance Board

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Crisp White Balance Board

Introduce balance onto your life and improve your beach surf style fitness with our Crisp White Balance Board. Any time is a great time to work on your fitness and strength and surf better in the comfort of your own home.

Handcrafted on Australia's Gold Coast this wooden balance board is suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.


The Board comes with the roller

  • Balance Board: 80cm x 35cm x 15mm
  • Cork Roller: 37cm x 10cm
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 130kg 

Please note: Use the board in a safe, open area, away from sharp or dangerous objects/furniture. Additionally, it is recommended to ride the board on either carpet or a non-slippery mat for the best surface.

Important Safety Note: Use caution with the surf balance board. Stick to your skill level, progress gradually, and expect falls during the learning process. Avoid advanced tricks beyond your skill set. Using the balance board involves inherent risks, and your safety is your responsibility; please read and follow the safety guidelines for a secure experience.

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